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Blow-dried green chips at your party one step closer

In the PepsiCo chips factory in North Holland, The Netherlands, bags of 'green blow-dried' chips will soon slide off the conveyor belt. The pretzels are then fried in oil that is heated using a battery with green electricity. The factory stores the green electricity by means of an enormously powerful hair dryer.

The chips factory in Broek op Langedijk, such as Lay's, Cheetos and the Duyvis snack nuts, is electrifying its factory process together with Eneco. A thermal storage facility is currently being built on the factory site, which generates its heat from green electricity. The idea is that the sustainable heat can be used even more efficiently to fry the chips because of the storage. Construction will start in January 2024 and should result in a CO2 reduction of 98 percent.

That is how it works
The heat storage was developed by the German company Kraftblock, which stores green energy from the sun and wind in heat batteries for later use. That is the solution for the chip factory to switch from gas to electrification.

In short, the battery consists of a large container filled with globules of iron slag and a binder that can retain heat. These balls are about 30 to 40 mm in size. With a large hair dryer, an E-heater, electricity is converted into hot air up to 800 degrees Celsius. That hot air is blown through the balls that hold it. By blowing cold air through it again later, the energy is released again. This heat is ultimately used by the factory to heat the thermal oil for the baking process.

In 200 countries
According to Eneco, which wants to be climate neutral in 2035 together with customers such as PepsiCo, it is an example for the large-scale food industry. PepsiCo also produces beverages, confectionery and breakfast cereals. Making the chip factory more sustainable serves as a pilot for the company to be able to roll it out to its other factories in more than 200 countries. By 2040, the multinational wants to work climate neutral worldwide.
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  • Tabitha Kimani

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    A great milestone towards clean energy.

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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