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Proposed law to protect beaches and dunes in Chile

A new bill in Chile is being discussed in the Commission on the Environment of the Chamber of Deputies to strengthen the regulation prohibiting vehicles on beaches and dunes. The current regulation has proven ineffective, leading to damage to coastal biodiversity. The law aims to impose higher fines for violators, improve surveillance and enforcement, and create a more efficient mechanism for reporting infractions.
The Commission is listening to opinions from various stakeholders during the public hearing stage. Experts and organizations supporting the bill emphasize the need for a cultural shift to protect coastal ecosystems and ensure public safety.
The proposed law aims to increase fines, provide greater resources for enforcement, and define specific criteria for granting exceptional permits for motorized vehicle use. The hope is that the strengthened regulation will effectively address the ongoing issue of vehicles on Chilean beaches and dunes.
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Source in Spanish:

Proyecto de ley prohíbe el ingreso y tránsito de vehículos motorizados en las arenas de playa, terrenos de playa y dunas costeras de todo el territorio nacional. - Diario Constitucional

Chile es uno de los países con mayor extensión de borde costero del mundo, con aproximadamente 4.200 kilómetros de costa.

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  • Daniel Waweru

    8 w

    I am in agreement with this. Beaches and dunes should be protected.

    • George Kariuki

      8 w

      I fully support this proposed law to protect beaches and dunes in Chile. The current regulations have unfortunately not been able to stop the damage to coastal biodiversity, so it is essential to strengthen the regulation and enforcement to ensure that these precious ecosystems are protected and preserved.

      • mercy nduta

        8 w

        Sand dunes provide natural coastal protection against storm surge and high waves.

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