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En route vers la COP 28

*Appel à l'action ☘️* *Enagnon Expedit GOUTON, délégué Bénin à la COY 18* *"Unissons nos voix pour la planète !* *En route vers la COP 28, engageons-nous à agir maintenant. Le changement climatique ne peut attendre, notre avenir dépend de notre action collective. Rejoignez la lutte pour un avenir durable et équitable"* Lisez l'essentiel de mon message :👇👇👇

*Call to action ☘️* *Enagnon Expedit GOUTON, Benin delegate to COY 18* *"Let's unite our voices for the planet!* *On the road to COP 28, let’s commit to action now. Climate change cannot wait, our future depends on our collective action. Join the fight for a sustainable and equitable future"* Read the gist of my message:👇👇👇


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  • GOUTON Enagnon Expedit

    34 w

    Dear network, dear Actor of change" A young climate activist selected as a delegate from Benin for COY 18 calls on you for support for his Participation: He is in need of plane tickets and accommodation for Dubai. Hello dear sir 🙏 I am : Enagnon Expédit GOUTON a young climate and environment defender in Benin. Born on April 19, 2001 in the south of Benin in a small village near the second most fertile valley in the world, he holds a degree in Biosciences and Applications from the National School of Applied Biosciences and Biotechnologies (ENSBBA). Committed to SDGs 13 and 15 since 2020 upon entering the National University of Sciences and Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics, he is the central coordinator of his basic NGO, the NGO Save Our Planet in which he has developed resilient policies facing to the effects of climate change in central Benin, precisely in Dassa Zoumé, a generally hot area. Passionate about agro-ecology, he joined the applied ecology laboratory of the University of Abomey Calavi (UAC) at the faculty of agronomic sciences before being the head of the Africa green economy promotion center of JEVEV ONG (YOUTH NGOS AND GREEN JOBS FOR A GREEN ECONOMY). Currently Facilitator on the Zero Poaching of the African Lamentin project in the lower Ouémé valley, he is a member of the YOUNGO network and a volunteer at Ecoclimate Vision. Sweat for a Green World is now a delegate from Benin for the 18th UN Youth Conference on Climate Change. I am currently looking for sponsors for my participation in COY 18. This is certainly why I am joining you for a favorable follow-up. Please come with me 🙏WhatsApp:+229 51867084 G-mail :

    • Princess

      34 w

      C'est une excellente initiative de se diriger vers la COP 28, où les leaders mondiaux peuvent collaborer pour trouver des solutions vitales face aux défis climatiques. Ensemble, nous pouvons travailler à un avenir plus durable et équilibré.

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