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Consortium of companies announces construction of large fertilizer factory on green hydrogen
By: Teun Schröder
FertigHy, founded by a consortium of parties including EIT InnoEnergy, InVivo and Heineken, announced plans yesterday to build a new fertilizer plant in Spain that will run on 100 percent renewable energy and green hydrogen. Construction will begin in 2025.
The plant in Spain is expected to produce more than a million tons of low-carbon fertilizer annually. In the future, FertigHy wants to install similar factories in other European countries.

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The agricultural sector is currently responsible for 13 percent of the European Union's total greenhouse gas emissions. The sustainability of the fertilizer industry is seen by the European Union as crucial in making the entire agricultural sector greener. Artificial fertilizer is currently often made with hydrogen from fossil sources, such as natural gas.

Self-sufficient fertilizer industry
José Antonia de las Heras, CEO of Fertighy: “The urgency to decarbonize and get a grip on fertilizer production has never been higher. With everything going on in Europe at the moment, it is high time for a green and self-sufficient industry. With the establishment of FertigHy, we build resilience against disrupted supply chains and secure our agricultural sector and the sustainability of our food system.”

Great collaboration
FertigHy was founded by a consortium of investors and companies. EIT InnoEnergy, supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology, is the initiator. RIC Energy, MAIRE, Siemens Financial Services, InVivo and Heineken are also participating.

Sustainable fertilizer from the Netherlands
The Netherlands is also active in the field of sustainable fertilizer production. For example, fertilizer manufacturer Yara announced in 2020 that it wanted to build a large hydrogen plant in the Netherlands together with energy company Ørsted. The electrolyser will use electricity from wind farms Borselle 1 and 2 to produce green hydrogen that can replace the gray hydrogen that Yara now uses to make fertilizer. The factory should be there in 2025, but the final decision still depends on available subsidies.

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