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All the minions within the climate-denial bubble believe that they are the smartest ones in the X room ... knowing even more than the climate scientists ... the cult of ignorance thrives here.
🌍🔥 #ClimateBrawl 🔥🌍
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  • Munene Mugambi

    17 w

    Educate a climate denied today by showing them the light and the facts that we all have to work together or face extinction. I'm sure they don't want that. Or do they?

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      17 w

      The statement highlights the perception that individuals within the climate-denial community consider themselves more knowledgeable than climate scientists, emphasizing a concerning trend of dismissing established scientific expertise in the face of climate change. The term "ClimateBrawl" suggests a contentious atmosphere around climate discussions, pointing to the challenges in addressing climate issues when faced with denial and misinformation. The reference to a "cult of ignorance" underscores the importance of promoting evidence-based understanding and scientific consensus in climate-related conversations.

      • Hazel Mark

        17 w

        I'm Hazel Mark, and I've been writing content for three years. I'm good at creating interesting stories and delivering powerful messages.

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