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Start-ups in #ClimateTech, join our partner, Third Derivative’s search for its next global cohort

πŸ‘©πŸ”§ The accelerator is currently looking for their next 2 global cohorts of #climatetech #startups: 1. A general cohort addressing all sectors 2. A focused cohort addressing carbon dioxide removal (#CDR) solutions. Third Derivative was built to help start-ups at all stages and geographies across every major greenhouse gas emissions sector β€” especially harder-to-abate areas. Hard tech, hard science, business model innovation, bring it on! It's all about impact. πŸ‘
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Join their virtual, 18-month accelerator program that connects start-ups with investors, corporates, as well as market and tech experts, to develop, commercialize, and scale up quickly. πŸ“Œ To seize this opportunity, apply by 21 March πŸ‘‰
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  • Daniel Waweru


    74 w

    Great initiative, hope you'll find a good team

    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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