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By: Kees Klomp

If I ask you what the biggest crisis is at the moment, chances are that many of you think first and foremost about climate change. Climate change is seen as the single most important cause of the ongoing social disruption. However, I do not think this is the biggest crisis. I think there is a much bigger crisis. And I'm not talking about the biodiversity crisis. No, this crisis is even bigger. I think the loss of connection with nature - which we are ourselves... We are nature - the crisis of crises is and the cause of all trouble! With the advent of the Modern Age a few centuries ago also came the distance from nature. Man began to behave more and more like a being that was separate from the rest of nature. Nature became a backdrop and a capital to serve modern man and his economy. After a few centuries, we have completely internalized the holy trinity of the Modern Age (liberalism, technology, and progress), and we have completely externalized nature. We no longer see nature as the source of life. We don't feel like nature anymore. We do not experience interdependence with other life on earth. And the crisis that is going on now is therefore existential. We no longer manage to deny our nature-being. Our materialized and economicized worldview and human image collapses under the pressure of the natural violence that afflicts us; due to our totally counter-natural lifestyle. I think the enclosed image is super striking. You will probably recognize the logos immediately, but will probably be less likely to recognize the sea creatures. It's not because you're stupid. That has been carefully conditioned! That is the crisis!!

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