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#Biogas "COMMON SENSE can be DEVELOPED here" (the local newspaper)
On Monday, 38 SPFs from Bor and Rydaholm got to experience something very special when Alvesta Biogas was visited. This company was started in 2014 by farmers in Alvestabygden. Biogas is produced here frommanure from 20,800 animals, food waste, slaughter waste and by-products from food processing plants. Two of the co-owners, Joakim Granefelt and Stefan Bengtsson, guided us around and spoke movingly about this production. The majority of the material is liquid and is sucked up from the trucks in minutes to be digested after preparatory procedures. After rotting, the material is sucked up into the trucks again and driven out to the farmers, to be put on the fields. On the amount of gas produced every day, a car goes about 10,000 miles (2.5 laps around the earth). Many buses in Kronoberg run on this gas. Proof that common sense is behind this bold investment by the farmers. Own contributions were at least SEK 250,000 by each partner, but the investment has been SEK 105 million including some contribution from the EU until today. A contributing factor to the company's success is good cooperation between the partners and a lot of own work. After this gripping tour with good information, the group went to Mangomackan in Bror Persson's premises for a coffee break.

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