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Think about the emissions, waste generation, and pollution generated throughout the supply chain that results in that beautiful jacket you've been wanting.
Now imagine the satisfaction of finding that same jacket secondhand, at a 30% price discount and close to 100% emissions discount.
Who wouldn't love secondhand?
And though shopping and selling secondhand is growing rapidly, it's still leaving people out.
Selling (listing) used and single SKU items is tedious. Buying is less than transparent, especially in comparison to the detail rich retail listings consumers are used to.
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In the Loop is on a mission to accelerate online secondhand buying and selling by making it easier and more trustworthy.
With just a snap of a garment, our software predicts a garment's measurements, attributes, SEO- description, and resale value.
By making the selling process easier, we are inherently giving more consistent information to potential buyers, opening up the market for more activity.
  • Sarah Chabane

    69 w

    This is a great solution for second-hand shopping!

    • Ford Brodeur

      70 w

      Best of luck in the competition!

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