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A Very Important Letter To Coastline Elderly Services (Please Note: Did/Have NOT Sent Directly To Coastline)

(Please Note That The Following Letter Has 'Not' Been Sent 'Directly' To Coastline)
July 4, 2023

To Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely concerned at the fact that your agency is continuing to burden my immediate family members, who are clients of yours, since March of 2022, with a tremendous amount of burdensome plastic packaging that they continue to become extremely frustrated with.

If agencies, like yours, would like to continue to use such packaging, my one suggestion, at this particular point, would be to make it all 100% compostable.

The List of Packaging That Your Agency Has Continually Brought To My Immediate Family Members, (And A Person Like Myself Is Now Working Diligently To Find Realistic Solutions For All of it) [I will Be Communicating With Some Folks At My Immediate Family Members' Community Government Entities On 07/05/2023 About My Kikstarting The Pledge of $22.00 For The Much Needed TerraCycle, Inc. Zero Materials Bins At Their Transfer Station.] Includes .......
The now double layered trays (plastic and paper) with plastic lids, waxy double layered soup containers with their associated lids (just like ice cream tubs with lids) (a majority of the time Saran Wrap).
[Saran Wrap is a difficult to recycle 'film' plastic that goes in the TerraCycle, Inc. pouches with both chip bags and cookie bags.] [The waxy double layered soup containers with their corresponding lids are always put aside with the cartons, which is what a person like myself will be starting the pledge of $22.00 for the large TerraCycle, Inc. laminated packing difficult to recycle bins at my immediate family members' transfer station, which also includes all the HOOD cartons that have been since collected.]
can also be 100% compostable meal trays with 100% compostable lids (if the above is a much better method for your agency than reusable containers are).
can also be 100% compostable soup containers with 100% compostable lids (if the above is a much better method for your agency than reusable containers are).

Please Note That I Just Would Need To Figure Out [It Would Be So Much Easier For People Like.My Immediate Family Members If They Can Just Put ALL The Compostables In One Big Bucket, & Then Have Their P.S.A. Take It Away To, Perhaps, A Local Farm For Composting) ........

Of course, the small HOOD milk cartons would have to be recycled in the large laminated plastic packaging difficult to recycle TerraCycle, Inc. bins that I am now working extremely diligently for the above to become a reality at my immediate family members' transfer station, where there is, of course,
a major need. And the same is true with all the future polystyrene/styrofoam packaging (hot/cold cups and sandwich containers) where all this particular material can also be placed in the designated large difficult to recycle TerraCycle, Inc. bins at my immediate family members' transfer station.

I am still planning on purchasing, for my immediate family members, 100% compostable ........ napkins, tissues, toilet paper, and coffee filters (a years supply) [all must be 100% 'certified' compostable] so that they will not have to ever worry about anything, only as they usually do anyway put it all together in one designated compost bin, again, to be taken away by their P.S.A. to a local farm for 'proper' composting. I will fact check the above just to make sure that it is even achievable. If not, I do know that there are compost pickup services available to them. One such service requires that all your products used for meals on wheels must be 100% 'certified' compostable. There are a couple of locations that might be realistic as far as a composting service is concerned, and will inquire, again, at some point on 07/05/2023 about the aforementioned. I will also ask if 'certified' compostable bags can be accepted so it would really start helping my immediate family members who, again, will just not bring all those particular 'film' plastic bags with them to a retail grocery store. Again, I have put all the 'film' plastic bags that they already have received from your agency in one box, and the same family friend will be recycling them just like the way they recycled it all previously.

That is all for now. I am hoping so very much that we can put these particular good solutions to work not just for my immediate family members, who are, again, also your clients, but every single one of whomever your agency serves. Together we are all making a 100% difference moving in the direction of a 100% better, much more sustainable world for all (present generations and multitudinous future generations). Thanks.

Sincerely, Andrew, Tireless Worker, Loyal Assistant To Immediate Family Members, & Proud Advocate (Environmental Steward) of Our Planet/Natural Resources

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  • Joyce Waturu

    54 w

    CES should rethink their services and align them accordingly to become conscious of their environmental impacts.

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