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Tallinn is the 2023 European Green Capital 🐝

Each year a city in Europe carries the title of Eruopean Green Capital. This initiative of the European Commission is an opportunity for the city to showcase its different projects tackling key environmental challenges faced by urban areas. The European Green Capital Award encourages cities to commit to ambitious goals for further environmental improvement and this year, Tallinn, Estonia's capital, is the one in focus.
The city has recently adopted an ambitious development strategy “Tallinn 2035”. The plan addresses carbon neutrality, climate adaptation, innovation, health, mobility, biodiversity, circular economy, sustainable energy and food production. Long before that, Tallinn showed its commitment to climate adaptation. Numerous relevant measures, such as stormwater management systems and remodelling of streets have been carried out. As for urban mobility, Tallinn is very much engaged in the 15 minutes city concept and has set a goal that its citizens should be able to reach all necessary infrastructure within 15 min via soft transport modes. In addition, the city has provided free public transport to its citizens since 2013.
Another of the city's flagship project is the Pollinator Highway, a species-rich, meadow-like natural environment that functions as a 14 km green corridor between six of the city’s eight districts. The goal with this project is to create and preserve species-rich, pollinator-friendly nature communities.

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I recommend you to visit Tallinn if you have the occasion, it's a beautiful city with a lot of unexpected aspects to it, and have a look at their website and follow the city on social media:

Home - Tallinn Euroopa roheline pealinn

In light of receiving the European Green Capital 2023 award, this is the perfect time to think about how we can turn Tallinn into a more environmentally friendly and people friendly city. In 2023, the city plans to speed up the process of becoming more sustainable and inclusive, cooperate more with citizens, companies and organisations,… Continue reading Home

About the 15-minute city concept in Tallinn:

Planning for Tallinn is based on the 15-minute city concept - Tallinn Euroopa roheline pealinn

Lõppeval aastal Tallinnas vastu võetud planeeringud lähtuvad linnakeskkonna jätkusuutliku planeerimise põhimõtetest nii elu- ja töökohtade kui teenuste kavandamisel. Oluline roll kestliku linnaruumi loomisel on ka muinsuskaitse valdkonnal ja juba olemasoleva ehituspärandi hoidmisel.

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  • Patrick Kiash

    19 w

    Thankyou for info @sarah_chabane. Very important info to those who may need to visit in future and about what they may expect,etc


      19 w

      This achievement is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the city's residents, businesses, and leaders in creating a more environmentally friendly community. I hope this recognition will inspire other cities to strive for similar successes in their own sustainability efforts.

      • Timothy Ndegwa

        19 w

        Congrats Tallin for bagging this award i hope it will motivate other towns to be eco-friendly.

        • Ajema Lydiah

          19 w

          this is beautiful

          • mercy nduta

            19 w

            This is very interesting,people in that city are doing tremendous roles in keeping the environs at its best.

            • Rashid Kamau

              19 w

              Kudos,other cities to follow suit.

              • Abdul Wakfwa

                19 w

                Fabulous,they lead by example.

                • Tabitha Kimani

                  19 w

                  This city deserves a medal. Great achievement there.


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                    🌍🇪🇪 #Won 🇪🇺

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