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Climate love

Nestlé sharing progress in 2023 on their net zero journey

Everybody needs to progress in line with the Paris Agreement - and share successes and learnings on the way. Great that one big player like Nestlé invites us to share their net zero journey.

To know more about Nestlé's #netzero journey to date - tune in next Tuesday (12 March) at 1500 CET to a webinar on #climateaction and progress in 2023, hosted by Innovation Forum. Please sign up here:

You will hear insights from: ◻ Benjamin Ware, Global Head of Climate and Sustainable Sourcing, Nestlé ◻ Florence Henry, Global Head of Sustainability, Nutrition, Nestlé ◻ Barbara Sollero, Sustainable Agriculture Manager, Nestlé Brazil ◻ Alexandre Berndt, Researcher, The Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) ◻ Charlotte Podeur (Reber), Strategy and ESG Manager, Nestlé Coffee Brands ◻ sukumaran karuthara, Head of Agricultural Services Coffee and Tea, Nestlé India

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  • mary Mwihaki

    9 h

    This is great to @nestle for great commitment in the pursuit of a net zero environment.

    • George Kariuki

      5 w

      This is a great initiative by Nestlé to share successes and learnings, fostering collaboration towards a more sustainable future. 🌍🌿 Don't miss out—sign up now!

      • Princess

        5 w

        This level of transparency and commitment to sustainability is commendable.

        • Adam Wallin

          5 w

          We need global players to talk more about their climate action - great to see! I hope you will also talk about your challenges or bring in perspectives from the civil sector. Either way, great initiative!

          • Joseph Githinji

            5 w

            Congratulations to @Nestle for great commitment in the pursuit of a net zero environment. Looking forward to the upcoming webinar.

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