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Elizabeth Gathigia

8 w

RMIT University

Climate love

Recycling Cigarettes butts into bricks

Researchers at Royal Melbourne Institute of technology in Australia has shown how industries could work together to recycle cigarettes butts into bricks in a step_by_step implementation plan for saving money and solving a global littering problem

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    7 w

    This is a great initiative

    • Harrison wambui

      7 w

      Very nice move

      • Jengaj John

        7 w

        Bricks made with cigarette butts reduces household heating and cooling costs.

        • Daniel Waweru

          7 w

          Isupport this.

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            8 w

            A great initiative that leads to saving of money and global littering problem

            • Gorffly mokua

              8 w

              Great move!

              • Lucinda Ramsay

                8 w

                Cigarette butts are so disgusting I'm glad that they can be used for anything but hopefully we can just stop smoking and making these things fullstop.

              • George Kariuki

                8 w

                Great initiative.

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