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Europe is just in the middle of Spring and yet the first heatwave of 2023 has arrived: temperatures have set new records in Spain and Portugal where winter was already suffering from an early drought that have heavily reduced the water in several reservoirs. The historic day for southern Europe has been the 27 of April, when this satellite map has been produced. Air temperaturess went close to 40° while on the ground values exceeded 50° in several locations as showed in this Sentinel-3 Land Surface Temperature map that also detected extreme climate conditions in Morocco. Two months before Summer we are already in a climate emergency, that means that We Don't Have Time, we must act.
Look in detail at the map, read more info (and you may also retweet :) ) at :

  • Tabitha Kimani

    63 w

    This calls for serious actions. Our house - the planet is on fire.

    • Kevin

      63 w

      Very shocking

      • ance Star

        63 w

        Really shocking

        • Sarah Chabane

          64 w

          I am really worried about the upcoming summer 🙁

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