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The GP Explorer, a project incompatible with the climate crisis?

Organized by France's biggest Youtuber, Squeezie, on October 9, the Grand Prix Explorer gathers 24 French influencers (Youtubers, streamers, and rappers) for a Formula 4 race on the famous Bugatti Circuit.
With 12 hours of livestream, 1.3 million simultaneous viewers, and 60,000 people attending on-site, it is easy to say that the GP Explorer was a huge success.
A huge success, yes. But at what cost? A liveable planet and a future for humanity? I am not saying that Squeezie is responsible for the doom of our planet. Far from that. I am just saying that with 18 million followers on YouTube, he has a responsibility to convey a message, a vision of the world that is compatible with the 1.5° degree limit. And organizing a Formula 4 race is not.
Pollution from the F4 cars, emissions from the travel both by the influencers (for the training sessions and the race day) and the 60,000 spectators, emissions from event operations, emissions from facilities... and the list goes on. But beyond that, the issue I have with this GP Explorer is that "the image promoted by Squeezie is outdated" (if I reuse the words of Amélie Deloche, from Paye ton Influence). It is irresponsible to put the spotlight on Formula Races and the car industry in the context of climate change.
I must say, I am a big fan of Squeezie, and yes, I watched the GP Explorer. But it doesn't prevent me from wanting a better future and more eco-conscious projects... on the contrary. It is because I enjoy his content that I want him (and other influencers) to do better.
At a time when France and Europe are experiencing a big heatwave (it was 33 on Saturday and everyone at the GP Explorer was aware of it), when the world is on fire, when Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, and many other countries are experiencing heavy floodings (and I am just talking about last week), influencers should question their projects.
I understand that it is difficult for content creators to change paradigms and start promoting and acting in an eco-friendly way while still being entertaining. But when you have the means and the audience, it would be a disaster not to try.

I am now asking the We Don't Have Time community: Do you have any solutions that could be implemented to reduce the environmental impact of the (possible) next edition of this event?

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    34 w

    These influencers should use their influence towards advocating for climate change

    • George Kariuki

      39 w

      Influencer responsibility is vital in an era of the climate crisis.

      • Marine Stephan

        39 w

        @george_kariuki it is! What do you think they could implement?

      • Gorffly mokua

        39 w

        This is disappointing! With their significant influence, it is important for public figures like them to lead by example and prioritize projects that align with sustainable values.

        • Marine Stephan

          39 w

          @gorffly_mokua What solutions would you propose that they could implement in order to reduce their carbon footprint?

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