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How can you embed sustainability in your #startup operations from the get-go? ⚡ As the world pushes towards net zero, investors, customers, and collaborators are on the hunt for cleaner, greener solutions. Through our activities, projects and experiences over the years, we’ve gleaned insights from diverse stakeholders on how #startups can weave sustainability into their DNA! Here’s a breakdown: 1. Innovate with Purpose 🌍: Align your tech with environmental solutions. Address specific challenges, make a real impact. 2. Secure Green Funding 💰: Seek investors committed to sustainability and social good. Align your mission with their values. 3. Measure to Impress 📊: What gets measured, gets noticed. Regularly track, report, and promote your environmental achievements. 4. Green Your Supply Chain 📦: Think about sustainability from production to deliveries! Choose suppliers who resonate with your eco-vision. 5. Collaborate with Industry Leaders 💼: Forge partnerships with clean tech pioneers. Gain mentorship, support, and credibility. 6. Stay Informed & Leverage Insights 📜: Understand clean energy policies and regulations to find cost-competitive ways to enhance sustainability.
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Got more sustainability insights for startups? Share them in the comments! 💡
For further research-based tips from experts, check out Sifted’s article on the topic 👉

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    Hopefully for more green collaborations

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