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Single-use plastic cutlery and plates to be banned in England

Single-use items such as plastic cutlery, plates, and trays are to be banned in England in a bid to reduce pollution according to the Environment Secretary, Thérèse Coffey.
Every year England uses about 1.1bn single-use plates and 4.25bn pieces of such cutlery, only 10% of which are recycled after being used. Plastic items relating to takeaway food and drink, including food containers and cutlery, make up the largest share of litter in the world’s oceans.
However, it appears the new move is not comprehensive. According to the Daily Mail, the ban will cover plastic plates, bowls, and trays used for food and drink eaten at a restaurant, cafe, or takeaway but not in settings such as supermarkets and shops.
This is a great first step and I really hope this will be passed into law. Let's keep the pressure up to make it more ambitious!
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  • Gorffly mokua

    74 w

    This is promising!

    • Johannes Luiga

      74 w


      • walter lungayi

        74 w

        Good idea. We should embrace metalic cutlery

        • Harrison wambui

          74 w

          Good ... plastic things take time to decay ...they should be banned

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            74 w

            It will be a big achievement to see plastics banned completely

            • Peter Kamau

              74 w

              What a joy to see plastic bans being instituted in many parts of the world.Glad to see England join the wagon

              • Daniel Waweru

                74 w

                A great initiative this one, the results achieved by the ban on plastic use in restaurants will help get a quick and easy solution in the supermarkets sector.

                • Tabitha Kimani

                  74 w

                  This is a step in the right direction. "A journey of a thousand miles starts with one step".

                  • Sarah Chabane

                    74 w

                    Good decision!

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