There is no one single silver bullet - making fossil-free transport and infrastructure solutions

On May 23, the first Mobility Transformation Forum was hosted by Volvo Group in Brussels, discussing the road to fossil free transport and infrastructure solutions in Europe - while still maintaining high efficiency and profitability.

At this event, Volvo Group, together with industry players like DHL, energy company Vattenfall and influential EU politicians elaborated on how we can work together to accelerate change. To discuss what is required in the twin green and digital transition, while ensuring the competitiveness of the European industry. To turn words into actions.. It proved that decision making will not be a fork in the road, but rather a route through a maze.
Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of Volvo Group, set the scene by comparing our decarbonization transformation to the mystifying journey experienced by the title character in Alice in Wonderland. When she asks the cat “which way should I take” and the cat answers “Where are you heading” and she replies “I do not know”. “Then it does not matter which way you take” is the cat’s reply.
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The production of heavy transport is transforming

The transport and infrastructure sector needs to be sustainable and within planetary boundaries - and we need to be clear on the path ahead. To meet this challenge Volvo Group has a 3 x 100 ambition: 100% Safe, 100% fossil free, and 100% more productive.
“This will require cooperation never seen before. The era of silos is over! We still have an operating model in this city, the European governance, that is actually fostering silo thinking. And that will not do anymore. We all need to step up and take a holistic end-to-end approach.” - This was the very clear message from Martin Lundstedt.
The stakes are high. To reach our climate objectives while maintaining and ensuring the competitiveness of Europe’s industry, we need to work together across sectors, nations and technologies.
“There is no one silver bullet,” said Lars Stenqvist, Chief Technology Officer. "There will be several solutions in parallel — electric batteries being one, hydrogen another and combustion engine on renewable fuel will be a third. Technology development, carbon pricing, and more are creating the future now and we have the edge to deliver. There will be a lot of change for the industry, society, and the planet, and we need to be ready to lead that change."

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We can do it, but we need to work together

Another prominent speaker at this event was Ebba Busch, Deputy Prime minister and Swedish Minister for Energy, Business, and Industry. In her talk, she focused on delivering on the green transition and putting long term competitiveness on the EU agenda.
"The time to phase out the dependency on Russian fossil fuels is now, and increased resilience in society must be reached. To make the EU a frontrunner in the green transition we need critical raw materials. A new Swedish industrial revolution enables the production of fossil free steel, batteries, and increased fossil free energy solutions. To prosper, long term conditions for businesses such as the heavy transport sector to contribute to high climate ambitions are needed," was her message.
A discussion on how the EU needs to speed up the green transition was debated during a high profile panel featuring executives from Vattenfall, DHL, the EU Commission, the European Investment Bank, and Volvo Group. One of the takeaways was that this needs to be done together – across policy, industry and value chains. All the pieces in this big puzzle need to come together to see the full picture — such as batteries, charging infrastructure, fossil free electricity, building new competences, carbon pricing, and industry standards. Emissions from transport are still rising and regulations are needed to further encourage the change to low carbon transportation and infrastructure.
On stage, Pascal Canfin, Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Environment Committee, Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General DG Clima, European Commission, Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO, Volvo Group, Anna Borg, CEO, Vattenfall
On stage, Pascal Canfin, Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Environment Committee, Clara de la Torre, Deputy Director General DG Clima, European Commission, Martin Lundstedt, President & CEO, Volvo Group, Anna Borg, CEO, Vattenfall

The coming two to three years will decide exactly where in the world the green transition succeeds. It will require capital and talent, and the EU needs to invest in this. Together we can do it and we need to speed this up. This was the conclusion from the panellists.
Anna Borg, CEO Vattenfall, said: “This transition will not happen – it is happening now, and we are running in it – and today’s event is an example of that”.

Watch full event here:

  • winnie nguru

    51 w

    Volvo has been on the forefront in promoting green transportation. Good job

    • Munene Mugambi

      51 w

      The discussions here were sound and helpful

      • Joseph Githinji

        52 w

        This is a great resolution that working in synergy is the only way to win the war against climate change effects. It's encouraging to see @volvo_group leading the way on creating green transportation systems using hydrogen and electricity.

        • Tabitha Kimani

          52 w

          The Forum emphasizes that "Together we are the solution to the climate crisis" and there are many solutions towards climate restoration. Collaboration fostering will accelerate the solutions.

          • walter lungayi

            52 w

            That was a great forum, we should work together to making fossil Free transport and infrastructure.

            • Marine Stephan

              52 w

              This was a great event!

              • Patrick Kiash

                52 w

                I like the deep views and concerns from all panelists in this forum. It's important to note all of them are having a goal, and they are working together to achieve it. Keep it up 💪 @volvo_group you prove decision making is really needed at this time and all players must come together and reason together to enable them to conquer a route no matter whether it's through a maze.

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