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Clean energy storage helps provide food and water security

We need to secure our food and water supply chains, to feed our growing population as it enters a future with a warmer and more unpredictable climate. There are many different solutions to solve this complex problem, and one key ingredient is decentralized, long-duration energy storage (LDES). This technology harnesses excess renewable energy, making it available when it’s needed most.
Industries and communities in off-grid or fringe-of-grid areas need access to reliable clean energy to help counteract the current food and water security crises.

Food and water security is severely lacking in many parts of the world. With the warming climate, this is only expected to get worse as our lands become increasingly arid and damage from extreme weather disrupts our food, water, and energy infrastructure.
There are no easy answers to this problem — it’s a systemic issue needing the urgent attention of an array of stakeholders. Nevertheless, decentralized long-duration energy storage can make a valuable contribution. Azelio’s TES.POD solution can provide stable energy to water and food supply chains, granting them the security of power supply they need to deliver clean water and sustainably produced food. This is a huge difference maker in locations with unreliable grids, where fossil fuels are often burned as a back-up source of energy.

Already today, we are seeing freshwater sources becoming more saline and food supply chains being disrupted by climate-related events. This will only get worse, and there is a clear need for action. TES.POD thermal energy storage is already available and supplying clean electricity in installations located around the world. It can be used to power water desalination plants or critical farming processes around-the-clock, in combination with renewable sources like solar.
With the strategic global deployment of LDES solutions such as this, it’s possible to achieve accessible and affordable clean power in areas that are vulnerable, due to geo-political or climate-related events. Communities everywhere can benefit from clean energy storage, a bold solution enabling renewable water purification and sustainable agriculture.

Want to learn more about how the TES.POD works? Visit our website:

The Solution - Azelio

  • Sarah Chabane

    2 w

    This is so important! We need communities to have access to stable clean energy

    • Marine Stephan

      2 w

      Clean energy storage really is needed, and it is great to read that you are working on it!

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