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Ukraine's war may hinder climate goals.
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The conflict has heightened Ukraine's susceptibility to climate change and hindered its efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Over the initial year of the conflict, approximately 21.9 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO2e) were emitted due to war-related activities, with an additional 17.7 million tCO2e released from conflict-induced fires.
Before the conflict, Ukraine aimed to slash its energy consumption by two-thirds. At that time, renewable energy installations across the nation totaled around 10 gigawatts, constituting over 13% of Ukraine's total energy capacity.
However, Russia's manipulation of energy resources, destruction of vital power infrastructure, extensive deforestation, and impairment of renewable energy systems have significantly impeded progress toward this goal. The conflict has halted renewable energy development in occupied territories, as damage to substations, network disruptions, shelling, equipment theft, and limited access to power facilities have stymied efforts.
By October 2022, roughly 75% of wind farms and nearly 50% of solar installations had been decommissioned, primarily in southern Ukraine. Resources earmarked for climate change mitigation have been diverted to address the fallout of the conflict. Consequently, the conflict is likely to hamper the net-zero commitments of numerous nations, exacerbating the climate crisis and postponing the global transition to renewable energy sources.
  • winnie nguru

    2 w

    This war will definitely affect climate goals as had been predicted. This will of course affect so many livelihoods and biodiversity

    • Jane Wangui

      2 w

      I still don't understand how people choose violence to solve problems while other ways may actually work even better than the war itself.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        2 w

        This is concerning. Russia and Ukraine should solve there conflict as soon as possible to welcome resumption of Ukraine climate action efforts

        • Bo

          2 w

          @rukia_ahmed_abdi The war may be ended tomorrow if russians stop invading Ukraine and leave all ukrainian territories. They intimidate and blackmail with turning off ZNPP, which is the biggest nuclear plant in Europe and may lead to enormous ecological problems. While Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station was blown up and destroyed by russians which caused ecological catastrophe in the region (flooded animals and people, environmental devastation, diseases and so on). Green renewable energy installations were stolen and/or broken in most cases.

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