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Ready to tackle the climate communications hurdle? Join us on the 12th of October for "Exploratory Workshop for Cultural Climate Communications". In this workshop we will deep-dive into the challenging and under-explored territory of culture, climate, and communication. We will be joined by guest speaker, Jake Barton, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Local Projects, an experience and exhibit design firm that creates groundbreaking experiences. Local Projects has won every major award, including the National Design Awards and Cannes Lions, for work that focuses on civil rights (Legacy Museum & Greenwood Rising with the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission), sustainability (Fashion for Good Experience), storytelling (StoryCorps & The New York Times) and education (Planet Word Museum of Language Arts, the first voice-activated museum of language). Jake's TED Talk has over one million views and he is on Fast Company Magazine’s list of top fifty designers. Let's navigate the tricky pathway of when and how to interrupt the standard programming of exhibition promos to share the crucial role our institutions play in climate change action. It's time to find our voice, make our actions known, and leverage the immense public trust our organizations hold. Together, we'll devise innovative strategies and create an invaluable toolbox to garner attention, provide clarity, and ultimately, fuel the momentum needed to make a lasting impact. To register for the event, please follow the zoom link

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