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Utility giant PG&E agrees to $45 million settlement. PG&E accepted Cal Fire’s conclusion that a tree falling on its powerline caused the fire, but the company believes it “acted as a prudent operator,” the company said in a statement Thursday. “There is no evidence that PG&E consciously and willfully disregarded a known risk with regard to the ignition of the Dixie Fire,” the statement said. “We followed the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) requirements when inspecting, maintain and operating our system.” Taking responsibility is also important. Do you agree?

  • Gorffly mokua

    11 w

    It's crucial that companies take responsibility for their actions and do everything possible to mitigate the negative impacts of their business operations on the environment and society.

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      11 w

      The $45 million settlement between utility giant PG&E and Cal Fire, acknowledging a tree falling on a powerline as the cause of the Dixie Fire, demonstrates a crucial aspect of accountability in the fight against climate change. While PG&E accepts responsibility, it maintains that it acted as a prudent operator, following regulatory requirements. This case underscores the significance of adherence to safety standards in the operation of power systems to prevent disasters and emphasizes the role of companies in acknowledging and rectifying their environmental impacts. This type of accountability is essential for fostering a culture of responsibility within industries that play a significant role in climate change mitigation

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