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How to get the Internal Combustion Engine 10x lighter and 30% more efficient?

A simple, efficient, and elegant system, the X Engine only has a few moving parts, including the rotor (the primary work-producing component) and an eccentric shaft. Aside from ancillary parts such as injectors, fuel pumps, and oil pumps, there are no other additional moving parts.

LiquidPiston’s X Engine architecture geometry allows for standard materials and 2-D manufacturing to be used, greatly decreasing the design, build and testing cycle.

While it is a rotary engine, LiquidPiston’s X Engine is NOT a Wankel engine. It has a fundamentally different thermodynamic cycle, architecture and operation.

Today’s solutions for power and energy are hindered by a lack of technological innovation. Gasoline engines are inefficient, diesel engines are big and heavy, and electric power/batteries weigh a ton compared to what they produce. These features present significant limitations to the range, payload, and efficiency current engines can achieve and increase operating costs.

LiquidPiston’s engines are up to 10x smaller and lighter than traditional diesel engines and increase efficiency by 30% thanks to the company’s patented thermodynamic cycle.

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