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📣 Meet the fund decarbonizing our Agri-Food supply chain and creating jobs in rural communities ... from Tom Mastrobuoni the GP of Generation Food Rural Partners (GFRP) Fund: "If you’re a farmer in the US, you bank at farm credit, your mortgage is with them, your tractor leases are with them, etc. They have a mandate to drive economic growth and development in rural communities. And they do that with us by committing LP capital to our fund. And we spin up new companies to decarbonize the food supply chain. And we put our new companies and the living wage jobs we create in rural communities to drive that economic growth and development. Our areas of focus are food, protein, and agriculture." 😎 Learn more about the fund:

We'll interview the GFRP fund's team on Mar. 1st, 10 AM, CT. Join us.

💡 Thomas Mastrobuoni, CIO of Big Idea Ventures (BIV), shared sincerely about the agri-food tech ventures from his experience with BIV and Tyson Ventures in our investor panel on the Agri-Food system. BIV has invested in more than 110 food tech startups. Before BIV, Thomas worked with Tyson Ventures for about 3 years, launching and running their corporate venture capital group.

  • Munene Mugambi

    7 w

    Generally, I love the idea of decarbonization through creating jobs in rural areas, as this leads to local production and cuts the resources required to ship our food from miles away while also creating jobs and providing a livable wage for the people of these areas.

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