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EU Backs First Major Nature Restoration Law in 30 Years

The European Parliament has approved a Nature Restoration Law, marking the first major legislation in the European Union (EU) to protect biodiversity in three decades. The law sets legally binding targets to restore degraded natural areas in the EU by 2030, covering at least one-fifth of the land and sea areas. The measure passed with 336 votes in favor, 300 against, and 13 abstentions. The law emphasizes the importance of restoring ecosystems to combat biodiversity loss, climate change, and food security risks. It aligns with international commitments, including the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity framework, and aims to ensure a habitable Earth for future generations.
After passing the European Parliament, the Nature Restoration Law will move to a committee of European representatives for further consideration. To implement the law, EU countries must quantify the restoration areas required for each habitat type, and the European Commission must provide data on the conditions necessary for long-term food security. In the event of exceptional socioeconomic circumstances, the possibility of postponing restoration targets is left open. The Commission estimates that for every euro invested in the new legislation, benefits of at least eight euros will be realized.

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  • Mats Nilsson

    10 w

    BAD NEWS!! Some EU countries, among them Sweden and Hungary, voted against this law and stopped it last week. Swedish Government broke earlier promises, and it’s a disgrace.

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      46 w

      good developments from Eu

      • Lucinda Ramsay

        46 w

        What was passed was a bit less radical than what was originally proposed and that is disappointing but it is good that the watered down version got passed and it will still have an impact. Resistance to change is always present- we study change management we all know about resistance yet no one seems to anticipate it and mitigate it properly.

        • Joseph Githinji

          46 w

          This is a significant regulations that will help in creating a safe environment and a great surrounding for the communities affected by climate change effects and human activities such as mining.

          • bonke reinhard

            46 w

            Policy of climate change is powerful

            • Kevin

              46 w

              Laws around climate change are welcome

              • Makaya Healthcare Hub

                46 w

                One important aspect of Climate change is policy

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