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VITA: VI Takes ACTION Destruction and Restoration. This will be the theme of the next generations, with nature being both our foe and our greatest ally. On this last day of #COP27, where world leaders have come together to discuss how to confront the global catastrophe of rapid climate change caused by human industrialization and unfettered consumption, we turn to biodiversity and animal health as a focus for solutions. Climate and nature agendas are not just entwined but reliant upon each other, where a positive change in one sector correlates to positive gains in the other. To minimize the future destruction of our environment, agreements and promises must turn into action today. With our VI Takes Action campaign, we are taking up this call to action to support biodiverse regions with limited economic resources. In Sri Lanka, we are training and supplying veterinary doctors and animal-care specialists to care for the spectrum of wildlife affected by a hindered animal care system as the country’s economy continues to navigate a critical time. In Kenya, we have invested in the national veterinary training program helping to facilitate relationships between our partners and supplying the means for expanded educational opportunities and the tools necessary to equip these future veterinarians. Our partners in Chile have had continued success with our support in reaching new members of the community that have struggled to afford animal care in the past. We are fighting for the future of our planet’s health by investing in it today. “If we invest in nature and nature’s infrastructure, forests, coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forests, well, it protects us from high storms. It provides a habitat for species, but it also stores carbon. So, it has both a mitigation and an adaptation dimension,” Inger Andersen, UNEP Executive Director “What can I do?” a lot of us may ask. Educating yourself and your peers is always step one, but we must keep marching forward. Voting with your dollar, donating your time, and committing your energy to the world around you are all good ways to get involved. If you want more ideas on contributing, please visit our website and consider joining us to empower the future of veterinary care and conservation.

  • Tabitha Kimani

    26 w

    This is very nice.

    • Johannes Luiga

      26 w

      Good job!

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