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Climate love

Book flights with biofuel via Goodwings and Neste

This was a great webinar I was invited to talk about how to fly without using Fossil Fuel already today.
The Goodwing platform makes this solution available already today!

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  • Ann Nyambura

    36 w


    • Rotich Kim

      37 w


      • Patrick Kiash

        37 w

        Great conversation and solutions

        • zelda ninga

          37 w

          i love how Goodwings is on a mission to turn the travel industry into a force for positive climate action.


            37 w

            Preaching by practicing is an effective and time-tested path, which is followed by many great leaders of the world. Leaders who truly follow this path win tremendous trust from their followers. It is really great to know that the founder and CEO of We Don't Have time has opted for Bio-fuel based flights for his journey as part of his unflinching support for renewable energy. More such examples by climate leadership shall help in gathering critical mass much faster. Further, there are few common concerns about biofuels, which apparently weaken its merit as a renewable energy in comparison to other competitors. Christian Mollar-Hoist and Nicolas Gueillaume should have clearly addressed these concerns. Christian has mentioned that travel emission is reduced by 40%, while using biofuel-based aviation. It would have been better if Nicolas and Christian both categorically address the issue of ROEI (Return on Energy Investment), which means how much energy is returned by investing how much energy? Experiences of higher ROEI of these two successful profit-making aviation industries would have brought transparency. Another major concern about biofuels is the possibility of unplanned and unsustainable spread of biofuels-plantation that may threaten the ecological balance of a particular region. Appropriate emission control systems may also be required. These issues should also have been touched on during discussion. Truth brings Transparency. Transparency builds trust. Trust provides the strength to break the barriers to usher to a new dawn. The journey of biofuel-based aviation has been very slow in the past fifteen years. Trust building may propel desired growth.

            • Rashid Kamau

              37 w

              Yes! we can fly without fossil fuels reliance.

              • Jane Wangui

                37 w

                @rashid_kamau this is a great step.

              • john linus Tom

                37 w

                Wonderful 👍

                • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

                  37 w

                  A webinar discussing the possibility of flying without using fossil fuels is an encouraging step towards addressing climate change. Platforms like Goodwings, which offer the option to book flights with biofuel, provide a tangible solution to reduce the carbon footprint of air travel. By promoting and utilizing sustainable alternatives, we can contribute to mitigating the environmental impact of aviation and work towards a more sustainable future.

                  • Tabitha Kimani

                    37 w

                    Wow. One can fly clean today. Let's make the right choices

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