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Ecodorp Boekel
An inspiring Brabant ( The Netherlands) example for sustainable living in connection.

In the SDG Ecodorp Boekel district we will provide our necessities sustainably. We therefore provide solutions for all sustainable global goals (SDGs) , in collaboration with our environment. We have therefore also received the EU SDG Award for SDG 11!

What we are going to create in Boekel is a neighborhood of 30 climate-adaptive and climate-positive rental homes, 6 informal care homes, community center , knowledge and education center , workshop and offices, with options for our own food supply , our own energy supply , ecological water purification and sustainable businesses .
We are building the ecovillage together with contractor and our nature architect Huub van Laarhoven ( Laarhoven Combination ). Ecodorp Boekel is made possible by the European Regional Development Fund, the government and the province of North Brabant in the context of OPZuid .
What is an ecovillage?
Since the late 1960s, ecovillage initiatives have been developed worldwide to put alternative sustainable lifestyles into practice. Ecovillages are communities that aim to be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable. Most have a size of between 50 and 150 people. A number of these have achieved international fame, such as: Findhorn in Scotland, Zegg in Germany, Damanhur in Italy, Auroville in India and The Farm in America. There are now tens of thousands of eco-villages worldwide (4,000 in Europe). Most have joined the Global Ecovillage Network ( GEN ). We have also joined GEN as a prospective member. GEN has given us many contacts and made it possible for us to attend many workshops. We will become a full member of GEN once our eco-village has been completed. Over the past 5 years we have visited various eco-villages and gained a clearer picture of what exactly we want to achieve and how we want to do this. GEN is an advisory body to the United Nations.
CESAR heat battery is made of sustainable materials
A very big problem with most batteries is the use of rare metals. According to Amnesty, for example, a lot of child labor is used and there are unhealthy working conditions when mining raw materials for batteries (including for electric cars). It is therefore important to design batteries that do not rely on rare materials. There are batteries that store both electricity and heat.
The CESAR heat battery uses precious metal slag. Precious metal slag is a waste product of steel recycling. There is an electric oven in Dortmund, Germany. The steel container is coated with lime on the inside. Then the container is filled with steel and it is melted. When it is liquid, the steel is poured into molds so that it can solidify. The inside of the container only contains steel mixed with lime, which is removed from the inside. This is usually used in road construction, but can also absorb a lot of heat. We used that because it made the box 2m smaller.

This is important in Ecodorp Boekel because the community center has to be built around it.
In order for the heat battery to function, some pumps are needed and some control technology to turn the pumps on and off in time and of course a central boiler and three smaller boilers per circle of houses.
The 600 solar panels needed to heat the heating battery to 450 degrees Celsius
are Cradle2Cradle and can withstand extreme hailstorms.

Alternative storage; Basalt is the most common rock in the world! If there has ever been a volcanic eruption in an area, you have basalt. Basalt is actually solidified lava. It can also always be found above ground. You don't have to dig for it. To save space, the basalt can be supplemented with magnetite from Norway. Magnetite can store just a little more heat, which means the heat battery can be slightly smaller.

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  • Munene Mugambi

    18 w

    CESAR offers a unique approach to power connection but I'd like to know measures are put in place to stop breakdowns in whole grids if one breaks down

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      18 w

      The innovative CESAR heat battery, utilizing precious metal slag from steel recycling, showcases a commitment to eco-friendly technology. The project also emphasizes alternative storage with basalt and magnetite, promoting renewable energy and environmental resilience. Ecodorp Boekel represents a holistic approach to sustainable living and community development.

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