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Mealworms aren't sexy, but they are helpful!

Hi there! I'm a mealworm. I may not be sexy, but I'm very helpful! I can help you getting rid of plastic by eating it: 0.23 mg (0.0000081 ounces) of polyethylene per day! And when you eat me, I provide a lot of amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers! Do you want to learn more about me? -> Here you can learn more about my plastic-digestion skills:

-> Here you can learn more about me as "superfood":

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  • Kevin

    14 w

    This is a brilliantly researched idea

    • Elizabeth Gathigia

      14 w

      Very interesting, a little creature helping with the problem of plastic

      • johnte ndeto

        14 w

        Nice piece

        • dickson mutai

          14 w

          Nature's ingenious solution to our environmental challenges. Tiny waste warriors :)

          • Princess

            14 w

            This is innovative and environmentally conscious.

            • Rotich Kim

              14 w

              Wow that's awesome are this animal feed on plastic only

              • George Kariuki

                14 w

                Scaling up mealworm production, overcoming cultural aversion to insect-eating, and ensuring sustainability in the industry are all hurdles we need to address.

                • walter lungayi

                  14 w

                  Fascinating! Nature's little plastic-eating helpers.

                  • DIPANJANA MAULIK

                    14 w

                    It sounds very interesting but I need to know more about it before making any comments

                    • Joseph Githinji

                      14 w

                      This is a great revelation, Mealworms is a blessing to our planet that could be a solution in ending plastic pollution.

                      • Jane Wangui

                        14 w

                        @joseph_githinji All organisms no matter how small are very helpful in their own small way.So many good ideas on this platform that we have never been heard of.

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