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Climate warning

Éltex Kft. pollutes and denies

During the long weekend (which included a national holiday, the 15th of Marc, on which Hungarians celebrate basically the homeland and its heroes) Greenpeace tested the river Salgó and found out, that there was a pollution, and since it was an area owned by Éltex Kft. (a private recycling company), it is very likely that they were the ones polluting.
They simply denied it, as (unfortunately) most companies would do.

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  • Sarah Chabane

    5 d

    This is super worrying!! They deserve a climate warning

    • George Kariuki

      2 w

      This is awful! Hungary's Éltex Kft. polluting the Salgó River is unacceptable. We need stricter regulations and enforcement to protect our waterways. Let's hold polluters accountable! ✊

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        2 w

        This is very wrong, The company should be held accountable and pay heavily for polluting the rive

        • Princess

          2 w

          It's despicable that Éltex Kft. would pollute a river, especially during a time when Hungarians are celebrating their homeland...Their actions are utterly shameful and must be condemned.

          • Marine Stephan

            2 w

            This is bad! You could also send a climate warning to Éltex Kft!

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