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Closure of Pure Bio-Tech Company in Benue State Nigeria: Navigating the Future of Industrial Compliance

The National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency (NESREA) and the Benue State Government of Nigeria have sealed Pure Biotech Company, a cassava processing plant located in Benue State, Nigeria. The facility was shut down for operating without a Functional Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP), thereby channeling untreated Effluents directly into River Benue.
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This article aims to inspire action and provide a practical roadmap for companies seeking to align with environmental and safety regulations.

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  • Gorffly mokua

    2 w

    It's essential to ensure proper waste management & environmental protection measures

    • Kevin

      5 w

      A wholesomely brilliant idea

      • winnie nguru

        5 w

        The government should go to any lengths to make sure the people are protected from any hazards

        • Jane Wangui

          5 w

          This is the way to go..the government ought to take a stand in ensuring that it's citizens are protected from any kind of harm.

          • David Kor

            5 w

            @jane_wangui 👏

            • Gorffly mokua

              2 w

              @jane_wangui Absolutely! Protecting citizens should be a top priority for any government.

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