Black Friday? Nah, Circular Monday on November 20th!

On Monday, November 20th, it's time for the seventh edition of #CircularMonday. A global campaign for circular consumption. Over 1200 circular businesses, organizations, and influencers from more than 30 countries are participating in the campaign, of which we at ClimateHero are proud organizers starting from this year.

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What does circular consumption mean?

To limit global warming within the framework of the Paris Agreement, we must halve the world's climate emissions every decade. A key to this is a circular economy, meaning an economy without waste and where we reuse what we have.
Next week is #BlackFriday, and you're probably already overwhelmed with advertising for both a black week and month. And, of course, there are things you may need to buy. And it's possible to do so with a clear conscience.
From this idea, #CircularMonday was born as a solution to Black Friday's overconsumption of linear products; newly produced items that deplete the Earth's resources. Circular consumption is simply anything other than buying newly produced items: borrow, exchange, rent, repair, subscribe, buy second hand, upcycle, remake, and recycle.

To by newly produced stuff, is the last resort:

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Circular Monday helps you find sustainable alternatives.

The research is crystal clear. To manage the transition, we need to move away from the "use and discard" culture and instead of being naive consumers, act more like "circulents"! But where do we find these circular alternatives? Research takes time, and we understand that you live in a busy everyday life. So, on Circular Mondays website we have gathered over 1000 companies that offer circular services and products, and many of them provide additional discounts on Circular Monday.

🫵 Join in - be part of inspiring circular thinking

On Circular Monday, November 20th, you'll likely see a lot of posts on social media with the hashtag #circularmonday. A crucial step in achieving necessary behavior change is spreading knowledge about how to act as a "circulent." We are on the lookout for exactly that inspiration!

To participate and contribute:

  1. Post about Circular Monday on any social platform. For instance, you can inspire by sharing something you chose to buy circularly in the past year instead of new.
  2. Tag @climatehero & @circularmonday
  3. Include #climatehero & #circularmonday
The above takes a maximum of 5 minutes, and for each share, we plant a tree 🌳
A big thank you for your participation 🙏💚🌍

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  • Princess

    33 w

    Kudos to ClimateHero for proudly organizing this impactful global campaign for circular consumption!

    • ClimateHero

      33 w

      @princess_nel_268 Thanks for your encouragement!

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