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Söderberg & Partners invests in SkiStar to promote biodiversity

Protecting biodiversity in the Scandinavian Mountains is partially the responsibility of those who exploit and construct in those areas. For this reason, Söderberg & Partners Asset Management has invested in SkiStar through the fund strategy Aktiv Påverkan (“Active Engagement”), enabling a project to improve the biodiversity in SkiStar’s locations.
The Scandinavian Mountains hold some very fragile ecosystems with a lot of biodiversity that are to some extent untouched, but there are some activities that affect them more than others. One is a favorite of the Scandinavian population: skiing. Construction at ski resorts and blasting mountains to allow for new ski slopes can cause irreparable damage to the surrounding environment. Mountain tourism companies have a significant role to play in making sure that the natural environment, which gives the resorts their charm, is protected when building new after-ski lodges or ski slopes.
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Mountain tourism companies have a responsibility to protect the nature that gives their resorts their charm.

Our fund strategy Active Engagement makes targeted investments in companies that can improve their sustainability work in specific focus areas. The focus areas are decided through votes from the investors in the funds, and the latest focus area is biodiversity. Within this focus area, we invested in SkiStar, Scandinavia’s leading actor in mountain tourism with ski resorts in both Sweden and Norway.
This investment has enabled a project to establish a working method for SkiStar’s exploitation projects which takes biodiversity into account. This is to be exemplified by measures being implemented at one of SkiStar’s destinations, namely Vemdalen in Sweden, where SkiStar has bought 400 ha of land encompassing both bare mountain and mountainous forest. The project is also investigating the possibility of setting targets within SkiStar for increased biodiversity by 2030 using the Science Based Targets for Nature (SBTN) framework. To help us with this investment, we have brought in the environmental consultant firm Ecogain as an external expert.
“We see a big and growing interest among our investors to protect the biodiversity we have in Sweden, and we believe that this project together with SkiStar, which shares this view, is the starting point for important engagement work,” says Patrik Ohlsson, Head of Sustainability at Söderberg & Partners Asset Management.


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    I hail this collaboration that seeks to step up and address the damages caused to this important ecosystem and is now toiling to rehabilitate it at whatever expense

    • Ingmar Rentzhog

      4 d

      Great to see your active engagement investment in action. Do you have a dialogue directly with Skistar about your investor's focus or is it more like you have identified Skistat as an enabler that you invest in because of your strategy or exactly how does your method work? Would love to know more. We need investors that care! Thank you 💚

      • Marine Stephan

        4 d

        Interesting, but I am wondering how you will measure the positive impact on biodiversity. Doesn't investing in SkiStar mean more money for the ones building ski resorts (and therefore destroying biodiversity)?

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