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Eight ways Asia is using nature to adapt to the climate crisis
The Asia-Pacific region grapples with the ongoing impacts of climate change, experiencing droughts, record-breaking heat, and powerful typhoons in recent months. As leaders convene in Malaysia for Asia Pacific Climate Week, the focus is on addressing these challenges through nature-based solutions. These approaches leverage the benefits of nature to enhance resilience to the climate crisis, offering potentially more cost-effective and efficient alternatives to traditional infrastructure. The United Nations Environment Programme's Adaptation Gap Report 2023 highlights the pressing need for climate adaptation in South Asia, estimating costs between US$40 billion and US$205 billion per year over the next decade, emphasizing the urgency and financial scale of the challenge.

  • Princess

    20 w

    Collaborative efforts and regional initiatives are crucial for addressing the challenges posed by climate change.

    • Munene Mugambi

      21 w

      The Asia Pacific region is making inroads in dealing with climate change as shown by the nations coming together for a climate week in Malaysia recently

      • Princess

        20 w

        @munene_mugambi It's encouraging to see the nations in the Asia Pacific region coming together for a climate week in Malaysia.

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