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The Irish town of Killarney bans single use coffee cups.

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  • Kevin

    44 w

    A very welcome move by Killarney town

    • Peter Kamau

      45 w

      That's a good start to ending the plastics era.

      • Munene Mugambi

        45 w

        A small but bold step for the town

        • Peter Karanga

          45 w

          Fantastic news! The ban on single-use coffee cups in Killarney is a great step towards reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices. It's heartening to see communities taking proactive measures to protect the environment and make a positive impact. This move will hopefully inspire other towns and cities to follow suit, leading to a wider shift towards more sustainable alternatives. Well done, Killarney!

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            45 w

            It's a nice move to reduce plastic pollution

            • Princess

              45 w

              This is a positive step towards reducing plastic waste.

              • bonke reinhard

                45 w

                Irish residents have said no to coffee cups,, recycling could be much better

                • Annett Michuki..

                  45 w

                  Kudos recycling these coffee cups will lower litters

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