Three more artists ready for OpenArt 2024

Two local artists and one international artist are now ready for OpenArt 2024. Together, the artists who have been selected for an artist residency in Örebro through the MagiC Carpets network, using funds provided by the E.U.

One of Line Bourdoiseau's previous projects.
One of Line Bourdoiseau's previous projects.

Within the network, 16 cultural organizations propose artists to each other. Through the organization Trempo in Nantes, France, Line Bourdoiseau comes to OpenArt for a 30-day residency. Bourdoiseau activates the city through large-scale interactive installations with modular sculptures. Visitors can move the sculptures to create new spaces and sculptures. For Bourdoiseau, her art is a social experience with participation in focus. The sculptures are created from recycled materials. As a city picker. Bourdoiseau will also work together with a selected group of second-year students from Örebro Art School.
- The sculptures are not "sacred", I see no problem with them being degraded, modified or even removed, says Line Bourdoiseau.
Together with Line Bourdoiseau, two local artists have also been selected, Victor Jakobsson, alias Kenne-Diss, and Karolina Oxelväg.
Victor Jakobsson is educated at Kävesta art school and the University of Arts and Design in Gothenburg. The text and the word are recurring in Jakobsson's naive and interactive art. There is a mixture of humor and seriousness, the visual language evokes emotions, feels close and personal, light and heavy. Jakobsson's artistic practice is a broad exploration of materials, but for OpenArt he will focus on wooden sculptures and text. The wood in his art comes from up-cycled materials, such as pallets, old doors, old facades and other wood objects that can have a second life.

Artwork by Victor Jakobsson, alias Kenne-Diss
Artwork by Victor Jakobsson, alias Kenne-Diss

Karolina Oxelväg is educated at Örebro Art School and the Royal Academy of Arts. As early as 2019, Oxelväg participated in OpenArt, but then as one of the members of the artist collective "The board for grand art". Now she participates as a solo artist.
- My installations are site-specific and the entrance to the site, both physically and mentally, becomes important. The inner and outer interact in the works, which become a bubble where I and the viewer can reflect on why things are the way they are. Right now the bubble consists of millions of plastic particles that must be kept out of our waters at all costs, says Karolina Oxelväg.
The climate issue is a recurring exploration in her installations, where the maximalist aesthetics can give expression to our impact on the oceans and consumption of plastic. Through Oxelväg's installations, materials that visitors recognize from everyday life are lifted, which in new expressions open up discussions about our contemporary times. A number of participating workshops will be conducted during the residency period with plastics as a starting point.

Detail from the artwork "Plasten/The Plastic" by Karolina Oxelväg
Detail from the artwork "Plasten/The Plastic" by Karolina Oxelväg

The three artists-in-residence have been commissioned to create site-specific works of art for selected parts of the city center in Örebro. The artists are on site in the OpenArts workshop during August and September to produce new artworks to be presented in the city in June 2024.
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