Miti Alliance's post

Our sole intention is to empower the next generation with knowledge & skills of all available solutions that can help in restoration of our forests. The Miyawaki Technique is one of those methods that we can share to scale efforts to regenerate mini forests around our communities to green our urban and rural spaces. Kenya needs you and the World 🌍 needs you even more. We are seeking grants to do similar projects in this community to transform and restore the environment. We hope this time-lapse video inspires many more to action :

  • Johannes Luiga

    83 w

    So amazing

    • Sarah Chabane

      84 w

      Fantastic results 👏

      • Tabitha Kimani

        85 w

        Awesome. its supper cool. Thank you @MitiAlliance

        • Peter Kamau

          86 w

          The success story is quite an inspiration as the effort put therein...The disparity in those pics resemble those of JustDigIt which tell of the successful nature based regenerative measures they've put in place over the years in Kenya and Tanzania. Kudos @MitiAlliance

          • Edwin wangombe

            86 w

            Woow this is great...

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