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Concentrating Solar Thermal with storage is the best clean renewable option.
No fossil fuel is readily available for the end users. In each and every case there is infrastructure in lace to move the fuel from origin to point of use. The same is true of solar which is more widely available than all others.
The challenge is storage at point of use. If one uses wood or coal then one must have storage for these products at their place of use.
Solar may be stored in sand, rocks, molten salts or as a chemical that has a reversible reaction that gives off heat.
In India at Muni Seva Ashram is one of the best demonstration of the long term use of solar with energy storage. Here is a presentation on what has been done at the Ashram:

In conclusion: Fossil fuel has to be transported from its site to wherever it is used. Solar may be available in abundance at your site but there will still be the need for some storage and technology now makes it possible to store solar thermal energy for months at a very low cost. The solar cooking at Barli video here shows poor girls from the Barli Development Institute for Rural Women using a solar cooking and she will eventually go back to her village and build solar cookers .

Solar energy is earth's longest energy source and can continue to be if we are realistic and accept that it this energy is available on a predictable basis except during overcast or rains. Storage is used to bridge those periods.
  • Munene Mugambi

    18 w

    The good thing with renewable energy is that you can tap it from your own home and cut out the middle man.

    • Gorffly mokua

      18 w

      Its ability to harness solar energy, coupled with storage capabilities, offers reliable and sustainable power.

      • Rotich Kim

        18 w

        We need to encourage this as the use of solar panels is the key towards our environment

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