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Exciting #SET100 News: EH Group Engineering AG team up with Ecomar Propulsion for marine innovation! 🌊 EHGroup, a Swiss hydrogen fuel cell pioneer, has embarked on a groundbreaking partnership with EcomarPropulsion, the UK's leader in zero-emission marine propulsion. This collaboration is set to transform marine powertrains with advanced 200kW+ marinised fuel cells. 🚢 What's powering EH Group's innovation? 🔋 Since 2017, EH Group has been at the forefront of fuel cell technology, designing and producing systems that boast unparalleled power density and efficiency. 🔋 Their unique assembly process significantly reduces costs, making their technology a top choice for mobile applications in heavy-duty trucks, mining, maritime, port handling, and aviation, where reducing weight and volume is crucial. This partnership marks a significant leap towards sustainable marine travel, showcasing how cutting-edge technology can lead the way in reducing emissions in the maritime sector. Find out more on the the waves of change they're bringing to the industry 👉

#CleanEnergy #MarineInnovation #HydrogenPower #SET100

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  • dickson mutai

    13 w

    Great job for leading the charge in your ground-breaking clean energy innovation

    • Munene Mugambi

      13 w

      This partnership has to bear fruits in the renewable energy sector to cut on our dependency on fossil fuels.

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