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@Protermosolar published in their website: "What would the CSP plant in the province of Mendoza, Argentina, that would generate more energy than El Baqueano, a hydroelectric project in the same region, look like?" SunnSaas from Sunntics is the perfect tool to answer the question. For a 133 MW plant with 13 hours of energy storage, a tower height of 225 m and a solar field area of 630 Ha would be needed. Protermosolar, via their LinkedIn profile, also summarised the following: - The project proposal will seek to use renewable energy from the sun to feed the electricity grid, which would come to supply 60 thousand homes in the region. - The tower would be installed on land near the mountain range that has ample sun exposure. As a result, Mendoza would be placed as the pioneer region at a national level when it comes to installing environmentally friendly resources to supply the electricity grid. - "The projects includes the installation of an initial tower with 133 megawatts of installed capacity. Compared to the current water-based energy production project, El Baqueano, the production would be greater, as that plant is designed to produce only 120 megawatts of power" according to project engineer Roberto Cibeira. The picture shows the heliostat field of the 133 MW plus 13 hours of energy storage at full capacity of the plant in the Mendoza Region.

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