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How to Add Drag Up on Instagram in 2023
Do you want to find out how to release drag-up on Instagram?
This functionality has been used by companies that wish to promote a product or sales website. In short, it is usually accompanied by a video that briefly explains what is being promoted and, then, a call to action, the famous CTA, with “drag up to find out more!”.
In this article, we at IG Followers Malaysia created tips for making the CTA and also how to release the drag upwards. You will see how, by following these tips, you will be able to make an even greater number of sales!
Instagram unfortunately ended the requirement to have 10,000 Instagram Followers to release the drag up. In place of functionality, there is now a link sticker. Drag up still only exists in the ad format and to take advantage of the function you need to pay Facebook.
Instagram Closes Drag Up
Instagram unfortunately ended the requirement to have 10,000 Followers to release the drag up. In place of functionality, there is now a link sticker. Drag up still only exists in the ad format and to take advantage of the function you need to pay Facebook.
The advantage is that now you don't need to have many followers to put a link in your stories.
The platform realized that it was more profitable to leave the function just to advertisers, as it was common for a profile to buy Instagram followers from Australian accounts and start promoting products/services to that new audience and making a lot of sales.
Seeing Instagram lose traffic and money due to the lack of advertisers; the “drag up” function was transformed into a link sticker. Now, when people publish a link in their stories, they must invite the person to tap the screen and follow the command.
In your statuses, despite being small, you must cause the identification trigger. Understand how your persona works so that you can create something that makes him think: “Wow, I felt like that man in the video!”
We will also give you a male example. Premature ejaculation. Many men over 40 suffer from it. Therefore, by creating a video of a 40-year-old man who suffered from premature ejaculation and used his product as a solution, you can optimize your clientele.
Call to Action
Call to Action asks you to call the user and internet user so that they carry out some action, for example, the “drag up” that takes them to your sales website.
As obvious as it may seem, it is necessary to constantly encourage users to interact with publications. So, ask them to like, comment and respond to your status. Or, drag it up to find out more.
The Call to Action must happen precisely after the identification trigger that makes the user identify with the person in the image.
Separate video links
Another important point, in addition to creating videos for the “drag up”, it is necessary to separate the links. This is where the customer will be taken after dragging them up.
Finally, you just need to publish your story with the chosen link.
Before placing your website link, you need to make sure that your user experience will be good. What does that mean?
We are saying that there is no point in sending your user to the sales page if the page is down or loading slowly. This will only cause your website to have increased bounce rates from Google and, consequently, you will have a loss in ranking.
This can be quite dangerous for people who are looking to stand out online. So, always before sending new people to your website, make sure that “everything is in order”.
At this stage, having good hosting can help a lot in the process because it guarantees that your website will remain fast despite the greater number of people accessing it at the same time.
Branches that use Instagram drag a lot
Generally, there are some branches that use Instagram swipes more frequently. One of them is affiliates.
In other words, when you are promoting a certain product and receive a commission for it. Each affiliate has a specific link and receives per click or per sale. Generally, big influencers do it this way too.
Imagine, therefore, that you are promoting a product for those who do bodybuilding. You have 50 thousand followers and your commission is $100. By selling to just 10 people, you can receive $1000 just for posting a status.
For those who want to work as a digital affiliate, one of the best platforms to sell physical products is Monetize. There is also Hotmart which sells digital products.
One of the most coveted niches at Monetize is those focused on health, whether weight loss or sexual problems, such as lack of libido and even penis size.
At Hot mart, what we find most are courses and video classes. So, it is ideal for those who work in the field of marketing and even crafts.
All the strategies and tips in this article were written with the idea of using drag up as a way to monetize your Instagram. If you want to increase your relevance within the platform and produce content about a specific niche, we have an article that will teach you how to get followers on Instagram quickly, easily and cheaply.

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