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Plastic Pollution is affecting the whole world, including mankind, wildlife, and marine life. It seems to be spreading like an ailment with no cure. We all must realize the harmful impact it has on our lives so as to avert it as soon as possible. Why do I call it a "pandemic? An ailment growing vastly is described best as a pandemic,why don't we address this problem therefore as a serious pandemic? Plastic that is unmanaged ends up in the environment, where it continues to have climate impacts as it degrades. Efforts to quantify those emissions are still in the early stages, but a first-of-its-kind study demonstrated that plastic at the ocean’s surface continually releases methane and other greenhouse gases, these emissions increase as plastic breaks down further ; current estimates address only the one percent of plastic at the ocean’s surface. Climate change and plastic pollution have many of the same root causes, including over-consumption of natural resources, non-renewable energy, insufficient recycling and reuse systems-plastic pollution contributes to environmental problems, like biodiversity loss,we shouldn't retain this fate that we have on ourselves, Recycling, as it exists now, does little to curb plastic pollution. Less than 10% of discarded plastics are recycled, partially because many plastic products are laminated with non-recyclable materials,recycling programs also vary between locales, making it hard to know which plastics are recyclable—and misleading labeling doesn’t help. Biodegradable plastic is a big hope” for reducing waste, but historically these options have hit cost and efficacy obstacles. “It's very challenging to create biodegradable plastic. “Part of the benefit of plastic is that it is not biodegradable,” it's seriously a crisis that we can barely describe. Trusted with issues in the future ,Hack for future should be given a chance to help cab this plastic pandemic by having all "plastic problems addressed and solutions brought about. They have been trusted with issues larger and they delivered.

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  • Hebisiba masese

    76 w

    As much as plastic May sound basic,its of less benefits than the gains they carry;marine life is almost being replaced by the plastic that are dumped into the oceans- we are not bound to be watching all this happen,let's speak up and start by us.

    • Mary mutheu

      76 w

      I ever witnessed a calamity of plastic at the shores of a lake and fish chocked up with plastic till death .We should regard having such motions pressured to the core,if we need plastic out.

      • Baraka Lenga Rutendeli

        76 w

        We have arleady desyroyed our present. Then we are busy destroying our future. With plastic our future will be tougher than ever

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