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Klimaat effect atlas, Climate Impact Atlas How to use the Climate Impact Atlas? As a result of climate change, summers are becoming hotter, whereas winters are getting milder and wetter. Furthermore, the sea level is rising, and weather extremes are increasing. This means that torrential rain, heat, and drought may intensify and increase in frequency. The Climate Impact Atlas helps you to gain a basic impression of how climate change will impact your own area. The Atlas comprises a Viewer and Map Narratives. This page explains what you can do with the Climate Impact Atlas and how to use the Viewer and Map Narratives. What can you do with the Climate Impact Atlas? For local and regional governments, the Atlas constitutes an excellent basis for climate stress tests. Furthermore, the Atlas is of relevance for, e.g., educational establishments, college and university students, businesses, and residents. The Climate Impact Atlas is based on national data and can be used free of charge. The Climate Impact Atlas has adopted the same climate impact categorisation as the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation, viz., a four-theme structure: flooding, waterlogging, drought, and heat. In addition to providing a basic impression of how the changing climate may affect the Netherlands, now and in the future, the Atlas also contains context maps, such as soil maps and maps indicating potential opportunities. The zoom feature enables users to zoom in on their own municipality. How can you use the map narratives? The map narratives provide background information to the main maps. They tell you what you see on the maps and help you to set to work with the information. The Atlas comprises five map narratives: Flooding, Drought, Waterlogging, Heat, and Basic Maps. To access the map narratives, click on the Map Narratives tab at the top of the Climate Impact Atlas website. Furthermore, the main maps in the Viewer contain links to the pertinent map narratives. Read more: https://www.klimaateffectatlas.nl/en/how-to-use

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