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Imagine this graph depicts the spread of cancer in a patient’s body rather than global sea-surface temperatures. Each line represents a day in the life of the patient, with the darkening shades of blue showing the progression of the disease over the years. Now, look at the red line, representing 2024. It shows an alarming surge, a dramatic escalation of the condition.

If this were a cancer patient, the urgency would be clear: immediate and aggressive treatment would be paramount. Yet, when it comes to the health of our planet, reflected in this very real graph of rising sea-surface temperatures from 1982 to 2024, our political leaders hesitate. Despite the clear signs of worsening climate health, the required ‘chemotherapy’—urgent and substantial action to combat climate change—is met with resistance or delayed.

Why is it that we can understand the urgency in a medical crisis, yet when our planet exhibits the same distress signals, we drag our feet? It’s time for our leaders to treat the earth’s climate with the same seriousness as a life-threatening disease, because that’s exactly what it is.

This year is a pivotal one, with an election that gives 2 billion people a voice at the ballot box. It’s a powerful opportunity for us all to decide what truly matters. As you cast your vote, consider not just the immediate impact on your wallet but the long-term implications for our collective future—a healthy planet.

As we face the consequences of climate change, it's clear that the decisions we make now are more crucial than ever. So when you vote, vote for the world you want to live in, for the air you want to breathe, and for the future you want to see. Let's prioritize a healthy planet over temporary gains.
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  • Rotich Kim

    4 w

    This is thro we need more research for us to get solution

    • Patrick Kiash

      4 w

      I totally agree with you.Right questions, indeed may the voice of more than 2 billion people count for a healthy planet

      • Chris Ndungu

        4 w

        It's horrifying to see ocean temperature not be taken control. For tipping point to stop, it need a concerted action.

        • Isabel Arens

          5 w

          It's threatening to see the ocean temperature🌡 out of control with exponential growth. We need United action 🌏 to stop the tipping point.

          Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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