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The National Snow and Ice Data Center has just announced the Arctic Sea Ice Minimum, and it is ranked the 6th lowest on record. With 2023’s peak in the books, we are adding another stripe to our Arctic sea ice stripes (please see attached). Light stripes represent years with more of the Arctic Ocean covered by sea ice, and darker stripes represent years with less ice and more exposed ocean. It paints a clear picture: rising temperatures mean Arctic sea ice is disappearing. Planetary warming will exacerbate by 25-40% if we lose Arctic ice and snow cover. With another year of record emissions, this is the path we are currently taking. However, the loss of Arctic sea ice is directly related to global CO2 emissions (Stroeve & Notz, 2018), which means the sooner we cut emissions, the more ice we can save. On our current trajectory, we can no longer expect a future with summer sea ice in the north. In fact, it could melt nearly completely by the 2030s—roughly a decade earlier than previously projected. We would be very grateful if you could share our Arctic Sea Ice Stripes on your social media channels and direct users to the Arctic Risk Platform –

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Many thanks for your help and support! Susana
  • Munene Mugambi

    37 w

    A clear indication of global warming and why we should take note and act

    • Tabitha Kimani

      38 w

      The ice melting is quite alarming.

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