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Unsustainable commercial logging banned in Western Australia

The end of unsustainable commercial logging in Western Australia could save almost 20,000 square kilometres of forest, the state government says. Chopping down native karri, jarrah and wandoo hardwood in the state’s south-west and selling it is banned from Monday. The state’s environment minister, Reece Whitby, said it was a historic moment for WA Under the new forest management plan 2024-2033, native timbers can only be felled for ecological thinning to enhance forest health and resilience from drought and bushfires. The government has invested $350m in WA’s softwood pine plantations to supply the construction industry with timber. It also rolled out an $80m native forest transition plan that includes payments for eligible sawmills to restructure. WA’s largest commercial mills have closed and timber towns have been given millions of dollars in grants for community development projects, business diversification and to attract new industries. The forestry minister, Jackie Jarvis, said the decision reflected the changing community attitudes. “This is a new era for our south-west and I am proud to be part of a government that is prioritising forest health and supporting the local industry to diversify and grow,” she said.

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    10 w

    Illegal logging needs to be discouraged at all costs

    • Tabitha Kimani

      14 w

      This is the best news which would help conserve forests

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        14 w

        Its a bold decision to prevent deforestation

        • winnie nguru

          13 w

          @elizbeth_gathigia this will see forests and biodiversity thriving

        • walter lungayi

          14 w

          This is a positive step towards preserving the natural environment and protecting the forests in Western Australia.

          • Princess

            14 w

            This marks a historic moment for environmental conservation.

          • Munene Mugambi

            14 w

            Good to see the indigenous trees preserved there as the logging was putting such vegetation at risk of extinction

            • George Kariuki

              14 w

              It will be interesting to see how this policy unfolds and the long-term impacts it has on both Western Australia's environment and its communities.

              • winnie nguru

                14 w

                Those involved should be prosecuted

                • Kevin

                  14 w

                  @winnie_nguru The WestAustralia authorities should initiate legal measures against those involved

                • johnte ndeto

                  14 w

                  Deforestation should be discouraged at all cost

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