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Object the plans by Athi Water work Development Agency To Basically bi- sect the Ngong' Forest by constructing Motoine T

A call to action for public support to prevent the destruction of Ngong' Road Forest in the name of development, We must unite to save our Natural Assets and areas of beauty in Nairobi. As a concerned citizens of Nairobi we seeking support to help us object to the plans by Athi water work development agency to basically bi- sect the Ngong' Forest by constructing the Motoine Truck Sewer right through the middle of the sanctuary section of the forest. Athi Water Work Development Agency (AWWDA) is trying to legally destroy the Ngong' Forest and we can't allow that happen

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  • bonke reinhard

    40 w

    These is contrast how can the government talk of planting more trees and now the same gvt wants to destroy ngong forest in the name of construction,,. Let's say no to the government.

    • Peter Kamau

      40 w

      Ngong forest is an ecosystem that should be protected at whatever expense and so such projects shouldn't be allowed to happen

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        40 w

        I fully support this.We cannot afford to destroy our critical water catchment areas

        • Grace Njeri

          40 w

          @rukia_ahmed_abdi Restricting access to natural waterways in catchment areas helps protect our drinking water, and is an integral part of good land management.

        • Princess

          40 w

          The government is talking about planting more trees and increasing tree cover, but how will we ever achieve this if we keep on destroying the forests we already have?

          • mercy nduta

            40 w

            @princess_nel_268 We so far don't understand the Governments' intentions!

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