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Sharing is caring - but does that extend to sharing a burrow with more than a dozen families? For Patagonian maras, it's an absolute yes. . Fact: Patagonian maras share a communal burrow with as many as 15 other breeding pairs at once. While the thought of going to your own home and having up to 45 kids greet you at your door can be anxiety-invoking, in the mara's case, it helps that there is only one adult pair at the burrow at a time. The deer-/rabbit-looking rodents are incredibly protective of their partners and their young, meaning it is in everyone's best interest if parents keep their distance (while still storing their young together). . . Read more about Patagonian maras here: https://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/patagonian-mara Or here: https://www.worldlandtrust.org/species/mammals/patagonian-mara-hare/ . Graphic shows a pair of Patagonian maras. The factoid reads: "Patagonian maras share a communal burrow with as many as 15 other breeding pairs." . Pixel Planet Today is created by @Terrabyte. Give us a follow here or on our other social media channels to keep up with the other stuff we're doing. 🌎❤️ . . #patagonia #patagoniawildlife #maras #interestinganimals #animalfacts #animalart #pixelplanet #pixelplanettoday #terrabyte #pixelart #planetfacts #artivism #climatedesign

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