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Adam Wallin

28 w

Source Green

Climate love

Connecting actors to fight the plastic waste crisis

At the Dragonfly's Den on the COP27 Climate Hub, November 8: The Co-founder and CEO of Source Green, Sonalie Figueiras, pitched a solution to the plastic waste crisis. By connecting brands with new packaging solutions, Source Green makes it easier for companies to reduce their plastic usage. Vote for Source Green by Agreeing to this climate love.

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    20 w


    • Tabitha Kimani

      20 w

      A solution to plastics will surely be a game changer.

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        20 w

        100% supporting

        • Robert E. Jones

          26 w

          Preach Sister Sonalie! 🙌🏼

          • Sarah Ratty

            26 w

            So important fingers crossed 🤞🏼 💚🌳

            • Diana Piemari

              28 w

              Agree with every word, so much needed

              • Cornelia Wyder

                28 w


                • Nicola Spalding

                  28 w


                  • Stephanie Peritore

                    28 w

                    Absolutely awesome, well done Sonalie & Team

                    • Henry Mason

                      28 w


                      • Laura h

                        28 w

                        Completely agree! Supporting you!

                        • Daniel Skavén

                          28 w

                          This is desperately needed! Hope this succeeds.

                          • Arman Anatürk

                            28 w

                            this is awesome! much needed by the industry.

                            • Jean Aymar

                              28 w

                              Congrats, ho ahead!

                              • Jennifer Kaplan

                                28 w

                                good luck!

                                • Ariana Day Yuen

                                  28 w

                                  Rooting for you and this needed solution in the world!

                                  • Johannes Luiga

                                    28 w

                                    A very important thing to tackle!

                                    Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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