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Clean energy is the way to to go in conserving our environment

Investing in clean energy is the way forward,it also provide job opportunities especially during this had economic time. Many youth's are able to work and get more skills as a result of that the level of innovation world wide increase and the more we fight climate crisis

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  • Videlis Eddie

    43 w

    This is so true clean energy is the to go

    • Kevin

      45 w

      Clean energy all the way

      • Munene Mugambi

        45 w

        Green energy creates jobs, preserves the environment and is sustainable over a long period time

        • Jordan Edmondson

          45 w

          A common argument against green policies is that jobs will be lost, but this simply isn't true. Green industries create more jobs than their counterparts and it's entirely possible for many existing workers to be retrained

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            45 w

            Clean energy is what we need for a sustainable planet

            • johnte ndeto

              45 w

              This is very encouraging

              • Hilda Wangui

                45 w

                Moving on the right direction clean energy is the key for bright future

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